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Performance Art Workshop with Marta Jovanovic

15-17 December 2014

About the workshop
Three day interactive performance workshop (6 hours each day) at ARA Monday December 15-Wednesday December-17

Two day lecture and discussion on:
- history of performance art
- performance art now
- performance art and politics
- Performa Biennial and Venice International Performance Art Week and their importance for the future of performance
- documenting performance art
- performance art in the relation to other arts: sculpture, painting, dance and other.

Jovanović provided numerous examples, showed videos and films and provided a list of suggested readings.
projection of " The artist is present " Documentary of Mathew Ackers of Marina Abramovic

Third day, participating artists created and presented a solo and collaborative performance art pieces around the theme Secret (which is also the theme of Jovanović’s residency at ARA and the title of her performance that took place at the end of the residency).
Third day of the workshop was open to the public.
Audience were welcome to give participating artists support.