Hiba Al-Akkad:
How difficult it is to express what I experienced at Art Residence Aley!
It cannot be summarized or abbreviated.
The moment I came out of Syria, I lost my Home and identity. But in the Art Residence I felt that I regained my identity; I felt the warmth of the homeland. This (residence) is a home for every visitor; and a real spark for every moment of creativity.
From here, from this residence I'll start my work and my life as I was born again, because it embraced me until I felt that I’m a baby free of all restrictions.

Mahmoud Majdal
“Lovely, tranquil venue amidst all the noise that continues to surround us in the world… Thank you Raghad for your beautiful spirit that radiates positive energy…. Thank you for this place where time stands still for a moment”.

“you were transported by memories and so was I by dreams… Thank you for this venue at these times”.

“This venue has a certain charm, strength and depth to it. So many elements seep into it. Here, I felt like myself again after a long time. I love it here, because I have always dreamt of going to extremes in art, and here I discovered the way and you Raghad guided me and guide all those who dream.
This was a transitional moment, this place became a part of me and I became part of it. Thank you to the land, to the green grass from which I got my strength as it continues to grow within me every day… a simple Thank you is not enough”.

Susana Giron
“Art is the capacity that some works have to make you a better person during the time you share with .
This is the real power of art , here in Aley there is plenty of it” .