Wael Toubaji

The participation from 15 August-15 September 2014

2002- 2007 Fine Arts, Painting department, Damascus University, Syria
2012 TOT work shop of storytelling videos, By Doctovist, with Action Aid, Amman Jordan.
2012 Project Designing workshop, by Heinrich Boll Stiftung.
2009 Pixilation film making, By Steve woods and 1 I film, Damascus, Syria.
2003 Internship in Animation with Tiger production, Damscus, Syria.





When you wish something and believe in it, all the power of the world, even the evil power would unify to make your wish come true.
Within a huge contrast between beautiful details and war surrounding, the main character keeps on collecting Jasmine flowers, and put them all in her mouth to taste their honey after smelling'm,
she gets addicted to them that she becomes like a Jasmine vase, A rocket falls down, but it doesn't explode, the Character explodes of lounging instead. And keeps on enjoying the beautiful details left in her home.

This film is was inspired by a poetry written by Amani Ibrahim; Primary translation ‘’ needs to be modified’’: I love Jasmine the much that I carry it between my lips/ I walk on my way looking to what left of the trees around me, and pick up a flower from and hung it in my mouth until I become like a vase/ And I laugh, I laugh from me and of myself/ A rocket falls down ten meters away from me, and it doesn’t explode/ I explode of laughing/ because of the Jasmine that disappointed the rocket.

Director comment:
So this film is a poetic film, aims on what the audience would feel through what they watch, hear and understand from the film that would get deferent impact from an audience to another.