DATE OF BIRTH: Syria - November 26, 1982

- Photography course with the photographer “Kays Zakariyya” at “Maga Arts Center”, Syria, Damascus, 2010
- Directing course with the director “Osama Mohammad” at the “Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts”, Syria, Damascus, 2009
- Editing course with the editor “Ramy Shabta”, Syria, Damascus, 2008
- Scenario writing course with the writer “Ghassan Zakariyya” at “Theatro Theater Institute”, Syria, Damascus, 2007
- Acting course with the actresses “Mai Skaff” and “Nanda Mohammad” at “Theatro Theater Institute”, Damascus, 2007

- Workshop with ”Damascus Theater Lap” in “Chekhov Dramaturge” under the supervision of Dr. Oussama Ghanam, , Syria, Damascus, 2013.
- Workshop in “Video Dance” in the sidelines of “Contemporary Dance Festival- Damascus” under the supervision of the professor “Liz Agis”, supported by the “British Counsel”, Syria, Damascus, 2010.
- Workshop in video Art Making with: Catherine nich, Lina Salender, and Olrika Com (Sweden), Syria, Damascus, 2010.
- Workshop in Cinema Directing with The Filmmaker: Samir Seif (Egypt), Lebanon, Beirut, 2009.
- Workshop in Cinematic Stage Shooting with the Filmmaker: Amina El Jahnin (Switzerland) at “Opera House”, Syria, Damascus, 2008.


Screendanceblog is a product of the collaborative project Farah Azrak and Robin Bahhi took part of at Art Residence Aley in June 2014. The purpose of this site is to gather research and information (gathered online) made by the two artists to provide a thorough resource for anyone who is interested in the art form. Writings and commentary of both artists adds their perspective on the subject and their understanding of screendance.