Marwa Sarah

The participation from 1 July-30 July 2014

Marwa Sarah is a young artist,born in Homs, Syria 12. June 1988. Finished her Bachelor study in Fine Arts, from University of Damascus, Syria, year 2012.

She moved to Vienna in February 2013, to begin a master study in the Angewandte University. She had the chance to get a studio in the WUK (Workshop and Culture House) for the year 2014.

She participated in several exhibitions in Syria And Austria.

Since the war began in Syria, a mystic theme appeared in her paintings, it was a new experience for her but she expressed herself very clearly through her works, her graduate project was about this theme.
throughout her residency in Vienna she worked on colorful human figures and portraits for a while, but she stopped because she felt more affiliation to the abstract and mystical experience.

Marwa works with multiple techniques such as Acrylic and Tempera on a big size canvas, in order to express her feelings and memories.

She plans to complete her master study and involve in new experiments with the same spirit.

Publications Cement in ArtFrench Culture Center Damascus December 2008 (Damascus, Syria)
Youth Exhibition Alrewaq Hall March 2012(Damascus, Syria)
Exhibition of Graduate Students Nassar Gallery December 2012(Damascus, Syria)
Exhibition in (Okaz) Austrian-Arabian Cultural Center December 2013 (Vienna, Austria)
SyrienhueteSPÖ AusstellugssaalJanuary 2014(Vienna, Austria)
MOYA Museum of Young ArtApril 2014(Vienna, Austria)
MAZEWUK Workshops and Culture HouseMay 2014 (Vienna, Austria)

Cement in ArtWork n ArtOctober-December 2008 (Damascus, Syria)