Farah Azrak

The participation from 10-8-2012 to 20-9-2012

Born in Damascus 1986

Fashion Design BA (Hons), October 2010 - June 2013. Istituto Marangoni - London, UK
Specializing in concept building, fabric manipulations, draping and digital design.

Fashion Marketing DEC, August 2005 - May 2008. LaSalle College - Montreal, Canada.
Specializing in communications, fashion presentation and leading group projects- top 3 finalists for the Graduation Final Project.

Special Interests

Free-hand illustrations and painting.



Screendanceblog is a product of the collaborative project Farah Azrak and Robin Bahhi took part of at Art Residence Aley in June 2014. The purpose of this site is to gather research and information (gathered online) made by the two artists to provide a thorough resource for anyone who is interested in the art form. Writings and commentary of both artists adds their perspective on the subject and their understanding of screendance.